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Yoga Classes Starting!

October 7th at 5p - 6p

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October 21st @ 6:30p


Congratulations New Black Belts 2016

Edward Copeland - 6th Dan

Lesley Copeland - 3rd Dan

Rachel McKenna - 3rd Dan

Robert Guzzone - 3rd Dan

Craig Driskell - 1st Dan

Michael Unterberger - 1st Dan

Enjoy the Benefits of Taekwondo and Hapkido at the Academy by Learning Self Defense to Protect your Family and Bully Proof you and your Children.


The Academy is a "State of the Art" facility built from the ground up for a solid foundation in Martial Arts training.

 At American Black Belt Academy, we become a family, helping each other every day to Succeed in Life.


The Academy is more than just a martial arts school, it is a place to learn, teach, and find friendship among those with common goals.
The wealth of knowledge, courage, and strength you obtain helps to define your life, bringing you to a healthy, positive outlook.


 Isn't it time to find out what you are made of?
Come visit the American Black Belt Academy and learn how you can...
 ...Make Everything Else You Do BETTER!





You can use American Black Belt Academy as a martial arts PE Credit for Junior High and High School? Please  give us a call or visit your school counselor for more info.


Private Lessons Available.


Hapkido Classes Starting December 2016


Yoga Classes on Fridays at 5p. (starting Oct 7th)


 Quest for the 2016 Eagle
Texas Karate League
Championship Series
finishes November 5th with the
Texas Black Belt Classic
hosted by
Texas Black Belt Academy
at UTA Maverick Activity Center Arlington, TX.
Please visit www.tklonline.com for more info.