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 Color Belt Test:

  October 26, 2018

6:30pm @ ABBA


- arrive 30-45 minutes early

- wear a complete clean uniform

- bring cash for test fee


Stripe Test $20

Color Belt $40

Bo Dan $50



 Quest for the 2017 Eagle
Texas Karate League Championship Series
The 2018 TKL Tournament Series
November 3rd
University of Texas at Arlington
Maverick Activity Center
Opening Ceremonies Begin at 9:00am
 Please Visit
for information and online registration


Make Everything Else You Do BETTER!


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 Enjoy the Benefits of Taekwondo and Hapkido at the Academy by Learning Self Defense to Protect your Family and Bully Proof you and your Children.


The Academy is a "State of the Art" facility built from the ground up for a solid foundation in Martial Arts training.

 American Black Belt Academy has been teaching the Arlington area martial arts for over 40 years helping students and families Succeed in Life.


The Academy is more than just a martial arts school, it is a place to learn, teach, and find friendship among those with common goals.
The wealth of knowledge, courage, and strength you obtain helps to define your life, bringing you to a healthy, positive outlook.


If you are looking for Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu, or MMA. Try us first.

We offer special rates for you and your family that fit your budget.

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You can use American Black Belt Academy as a martial arts PE Credit for Junior High and High School? Please  give us a call or visit your school counselor for more info.


Private Lessons / Hapkido Classes / Special Needs Classes / Weapon Classes


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