Born: Chicago, IL 

5th Dan

Boxing: Master Schultz trained at Portage Park Boxing Club in Chicago, achieved 20 and 4 record to include Chicago Golden Gloves Championships 1981 & 1982 and Midwest Regional Olympic qualifiers in 1983.  Master Schultz moved to Las Vegas in 1983, fighting out of Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Gym, achieving a record of 5 and 1 before enlisting in the US Marine Corps where he competed on the Marine Boxing Team 1983-1984.   

Military Service: Master Schultz served in the Marines Corps from 1983-1987 and upon completion of active duty, continued to work in training and support of US Army, Marine Corps and foreign military forces until 1997 to include multiple combat deployments.

Martial Arts:   Master Schultz trained in martial arts while living in Asia from 1992-1997.  In 1997, Master Schultz and his two children Matthew & Jennifer began Taekwondo training under Grandmaster Roy Kurban at the American Black Belt Academy, earning their black belts in 2003.  Master Schultz, competed in more than 50 state and 10 international Taekwondo tournaments, consistently top ranked in forms and fighting.  Master Schultz competed in Battle of Atlanta in 2008, winning 1st place in forms, 2nd in fighting in men’s black belt division.

Teaching:  Master Schultz has taught Taekwondo at the American Black Belt Academy since 2001 and has trained hundreds of students /dozens of black belts over the past 15 years.  Master Schultz has instituted a number of programs to include women's self-defense, boxing, bullying and weapons defense.

School Ownership: Since assuming ownership of the school in 2009, Master Schultz continues to promote the art and the sport through teaching, demonstrations, tournaments, and seminars.  With Master Nelson and the great instructors on staff, the school continues Special Needs classes twice per week and support Special Olympics. 

Promotion of Taekwondo: Master Schultz has refereed in both point fighting and Olympic Style Taekwondo since 2003 and is a member of the Texas Karate League (TKL) Board of Directors.  The American Black Belt Academy has sponsored numerous fund raisers for causes such as Chuck Norris’ Kick-Start, the US Grandmasters Society Taekwondo Museum and continues to help families in need in the community.  Master Schultz and Master Nelson, in concert with the Texas Karate League (TKL), promote a series of 4-5 tournament events per year.

Education: Bachelor' s Degree in Business from Dallas Baptist University, Masters Degree in Business (MBA) from Texas Christian University (TCU), Advanced Degree in Business Leadership from Ohio State University, Advanced Degree in Business Strategy from Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern

Update: Master Schultz lives in North Texas and still trains and teaches at American Black Belt Academy. 



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