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Gold Belt

Gold Belt Requirements:   6 weeks of training
- Fore Balance
8006-Fore-BalanceBasic Blocks: 
- Low Block

Low Block

- Outside Forearm Block

Outside Forearm Block

- Rising Block

Rising Block

- Twin Fist Block

Twin Fist Block

Basic Kicks
- Front Snap Kick

Front Snap Kick

- Defensive Spin Kick
Defensive Spin Kick Panel- Offensive Spin Kick
Offensive Spin Kick Panel - L- Step Across Spin Kick
Step Across Spin Kick PanelBasic Punching
- Straddle Stance Punching
Straddle Stance Punching Panel- Fore Balance Punching
Fore Balance Punching Panel- Fore Balance Step Punching
Self Defense
- Two Handed Grab
- Two Handed Up Close
- One Handed Grab
- Variation One Handed Grab