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Orange Belt

Orange Belt Requirements: 2 to 3 months of training

*All Previous Material from Gold Belt*


- Fore Balance


- Back Balance



- Low Knife Hand Block

Low Knife Hand Block Panel

- Middle knife Hand Block

Middle Knife Hand Panel


- Back Kick

Back KIck Panel

- Step Behind Side Kick

Step Across Side Kick Panel

- Defensive Side Kick

Defensive Side Kick Panel

- Offensive Side Kick

Offensive Side Kick Panel

- Turn Kick

Turn Kick Panel


- Side Step Reverse Punch

Side Step Reverse Punch Panel

- Slide Up Side Step Reverse Punch

Slide Up Side Step Punch Panel

- Reverse Punch

Reverse Punch Panel

- Back Fist

Back Fist Panel


- Horizontal Elbow

Elbow - Horizontal Panel

- Vertical Elbow

Elbow - Vertical Panel

- Side Step Elbow

Elbow - Side Step Panel

Punch Counters

- Defend against back fist

- Defend against reverse punch

- Defend against ridge hand

Form (Poomse)

- Palgwe Il Jang

Pal Gae il Chang - Page 01








Pal Gae il Chang - Page 02








Pal Gae il Chang - Page 03








Pal Gae il Chang - Page 04








Pal Gae il Chang - Page 05