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Purple Belt

Purple Belt Requirements:  3 Months of Training

*All Previous Belt Level Material*


- Fore Balance

- Back Balance

Hand Techniques

- All Previous Punches

- Back Fist, Reverse Punch

- Back Fist Lunge Punch

- Back Fist, Reverse Punch, Inverted Punch

- Back Fist, Lunge Punch, Inverted Punch


- All Previous Kicks

- Front Kick, Side Kick, Back Kick (Same Leg Three Directions)

- Double Jump Front Kick

- Double Jump Spin Kick

One Steps

- 6 One Steps

Forms (Poomse)

- Pal Gae Il Chang

- Pal Gae Yi Chang

- Pal Gae Sam Chang

-Pal Gae Sah Chang